Past Generations Show Rich Donor History

Businesses A - L


A.H. Bennett Co. - C. C. Johnson

ABC Service Appliances - Charles Poches

Ace Dry Goods Co. - Arthur D. Sundquist

Adam Refinishing Supply - Douglas Adam

Albertson & Company – Oscar Albertson

Alf's Barber Shop - Alf H. Vermilyea

Allied Carpet Cleaners - Roland Goetsch

Allied Laboratories, Inc. - T.W. Munce

American Cleaners - George G. Shrago

Anderson and Sons Upholstering - Adolph G. Anderson

Anderson Fire Control Co.

Andes Candies - Katherine Deery

Ann's Tavern - Anna R. Kahoun

Associated Business Service - Benjamin H. Riedesel

Auto Glass Service Station - Clyde E. Zellers

Automatic Heating & Cooling Corp. - Art Ludwigs

Baker Trailer Sales - Dean C. Baker

Bankson Food Market - Abel B. Bankson

Bargain Center - Myrtle J. O'Brien

Baron, Barney & Sons - E. W. Baron

Batcheller Farm Store - Harry H. Batcheller

Baxter's Café & Tavern - Allen R. Baxter

Ben Franklin Store - Ray G. Miller

Ben's Thrifty Market - Ben Lelchook

Benson Building Barber Shop - George E. Smith

Benson Building Café - Louis Gicondy

Benson Furniture Co. - Harold O. Benson

Berger Co. - Harold K. Berger

Big Sioux Tourist Court - Edith Richardson

Bill Harper Pictures & Framing - William Harper

Bixby Tire Co. - G. E. Bixby

Blackstone Pierce St. Hardware - Byron Blackstone

Blue & Gray Beauty Salo - Alice L. Gram

Bob's Barber Shop - Robert M. Clark

Bolstein Co. Creative Printers - Milton Bolstein

Booth & Olson - George L. Booth

Boston Plumbing & Heating - Wayne Boston

Boulevard Food Store - David Hurwitz

Bowers Produce - Alfred J. Bowers

Brennen & Pendergast - Edward F. Pendergast

Brown & Nordenson - Bernard A. Brown

Budden & Sons - Marvin H. Budden

Building Trades Council

Burghardt Radio Supply

Burke Auto Clinic - Elmer A. Burke

Burtness Hardware Store - Lloyd O. Burtness

Busy Bee Shoe Rebuilders - John T. Sarris

Butler Business Machines - Wallace R. Butler

C.J. Murray & Co. - Cyle J. Murray

C.W. Britton Co.

C.W. Petit Construction Co. - Chester W. Petit

Call Bond & Mortgage Co. - George R. Call

Calvert Seed Co. - Earl B. Calvert

Canteen Service Co. - James F. Staten

Capitol Cigar Store & News - Mrs. E. J. Ledbetter

Card's Café - Ralph Card

Carlson-Dahlin Hardware Co. - A. N. Dahlin

Carpenters Union - Axel Anderson

Cashway Lumber Store - Frank P. Johnson

Central Finance Co. - Gerald Davis

Central West Ice & Cold Storage - C. R. Thoneson

Chet's Cash Market - Chester Langley

Christian Book & Gift Shop - Mrs. Nora Bray

Christie Bros. Excavating - Charles Christensen

Christy's Radiator Service - M. M. Christensen

Clarence J. Sandvick Sheet Metal

Cleanway Cleaners - Carl Binnebose

Cohen Wholesale Grocery Co., Inc. - Meyer A. Marks

Collins Transfer Co., Inc. - Clarence J. Ross

Conservative Bond & Mortgage Co. - Clyde L. Roe

Cook Paint & Varnish Co. - Norbert F. Wurth

Coons Motor Co. - Kenneth Coons

Corn Belt Supply Co. - Don Suttie

Court Street Pharmacy - Charles E. Hagestrom

Cowles Broadcasting Co. - D. D. Sullivan

Cownie-Williges Furs - Paul Wilderson, Sr.

Crane Co. - L. C. Kaczmarek

Crim's Pharmacy - James S. Crim

Culley Commercial Bookkeepers - Homer E. Culley

Cusack-Cascade Laundry & Dry Cleaners - Ernest W. Baumann

D.K. Baxter Company - Donald K. Baxter

D.W. Verstegen, Inc. & Verstegen Printing & Lithographing - Richard D. Verstegen

Dailey Casket Co. - Park Dailey

David Floor, Tile, & Paint Co. - John David

Davidson & Leafstone Super Service Sta. - Eugene T. Davidson

Design, Inc. - Bob Klanderud

Diamond T Truck Sales, Inc. - Gerald L. Wilson

Dick's Diner - Richard I. Myers

Dickson Motor Co. - Wayne Dickson

Dividend Bonded Gas - J. J. Arken

Dodgen Association - Joe Dodgen

Donahue Standard Service Station - John H. Donahue

Dove Advertising Agency - Frank J. Dove

Downtown Cleaners - William J. Vlahoulis

Duke's Radio Co. - Walter O. Ducommon

Dyer & Son Shoe Shop - Thomas Stevens

E & F Body Shop - George Estes

E.L. Graham Brake Co. - Harold R. Wyant

E.S. Brown Real Estate - Elson S. Brown

Eagle Clothing & Loan Co. - Harry Fisher

East End Grocery - Morris Robinow

Edwards & Browne Coal Co. - George H. Iverson

Electric Engineering Co. - George H. Deyo

Ellis Foerg Grocery - Samuel Elsberg

Emod Market - Arthur G. Ellis

Elsbpire Club - D. L. Gilmore

Engleson Abstract Co. - Mahlon A. Smith

Ensor Coffee Co. - Wilburn H. Ensor

Erickson-Banhart Insurance Co. - A. Bert Erickson

Erwin Weller Co. - Erwin E. Weller

Eugene F. Wilsey Co. and Wilsey Steel Co. - Eugene F. Wilsey

Ever-Ready Hospital Garage - Paul Sattler

F.A. Martin Co. Real Estate - Gery M. Martin

F.J. Carpenter Radio & Television - F. J. Carpenter

Fabric Center - Isaac Zale

Fantle's - Sioux City Co. - Harold L. Levinger

Farmer's Wholesale Market - Max E. Friedman

Fegley Colonial Furnace Co. - Irwin G. Fegley

Fethke Cleaners - E. W. Fethke

Finley & Rath Land Surveying - Rudolph A. Rath

Fisher Child Attendant Service - Mrs. Rose Fisher

Floyd Park Motel - Mrs. Ida D. Grubel

Foot-So-Port Shoe Shop - Leon L. Beardsley

Ford Lumber Co. - Burton L. Ford

Frances Beauty Shop - Muriel Colvin

Frank Pilley and Sons - O. William Christensen

Frank's Corner Service Station - Frank L. Michael

Frazier Eales-Chase Co. - Earl Chase

Fred's Tire Service - Fred Thibodeau

Fullerton Lumber & Coal Co. - F. E. Johnson

Gaines Awning Co. - Darrell L. Forsmoe

General American Life Ins. Co. - Eldon W. Eberhard

General Tobacco Co. - William D. Eirenberg

Getz Buick Sales & Service - Jess F. Getz

Gill & Dunkle - Franklin E. Gill

Gilmore Swanson & Carroll Commission - Larry Wilds

Ginsburg & Lansburg Co., Inc. - Max Ginsburg

Glenn H. Jones Furs - Glenn H. Jones

Godding Elevator Co. - Paul W. Godding

Grain Corp. - Edward C. Palmer

Greenville Hardware - Irving H. Knudson

Griswold's Floor Covering - Burdette A. McNaughton

H.J. Heinz Co. - Frank B. Cliffe

Half-Moon Inn - William L. Greigg

Hall Piano Co. - Norman H. Hall

Hanna & O'Brien - Darrell M. Hanna

Hansen Glass & Paint Co. - L. S. Wernlie Jr.

Harper, Gleysteen & Nelson - H. Clifford Harper

Harris Janitor Supply Co. - W. R. Harris

Harvey Laundry & Dry Cleaning and A.L. Olson Co. - A. L. Olson

Hassenger Finance Co. - Ralph J. Hassenger

Hatt & Freimark Construction Co. - Don C. Hatt

Hawkeye Building & Supply - Ray C. Burke

Hayes Instrument & Appliance Service - Roy S. Hayes

Heaton-Westcott Funeral Home - Ralph A. Heaton

Hill's Food Market - Abe I. Hill

Hine's Bookkeeping & Tax Service - William D. Hine

Hi-Way Auto Parts - Gene Riley

Hoffman Food Market - Frank Montgomery

Holdcroft Transportation Co. and Trucking Service Co. - H. H. Holdcroft

Holland Furnace Co. - Ralph M. Torino

Hooker Glass & Paint Mfg. Co. - William C. Hicks

House of Hamburgers - Hattie M. Greigg

Household Finance Co. - Daniel A. Fling

Hovland Manufacturing Co. - Robert V. Hovland

Hudson Coe Commission Co. - Howard Larson

Hugo-Holmberg Printing & Lithographing - Walter A. Holmberg

Hutchison, Hurst & Duggan, Attys. - Ervin A. Hutchison

Ingwersen Brothers Commission Co. - Ernie M. Hansen

Interstate Air Conditioning Co. - Joseph B. Russell

Interstate Restaurant Supply - Emery Morin

Investors Diversified Services, Inc. - Tell B. Wehrle

Iowa Broom Works - Louie E. Chesen

Iowa Stock Pig Co. - David A. Noble

J.D.D. Lubricants Co. - Chris P. Hoefer

Jack Robinson's Department Store - Jack I. Robinson

Jackson Transfer, Delivery & Distributing Co. - Raymond F. Jackson

Jamgotch Rug Co. - Hagop A. Jamgotch

Joe's Restaurant - Joseph Mycka

John Black Elevator Service - John Black

John Harvey & Co. - Ben Notitsky

Johnson Automatic Music Co. - David H. Johnson

Johnson-Hempstead Commission Co. - Horace P. Hempstead

Johnson-Severeide Printing & Publishing - Eugene F. Johnson

Jones Distributing Co. & Jones Television & Supply Co. - Paul D. Jones

Jones St. Barber Shop - Steve Shatka

Joslin's Market - Dwight Joslin

Kaufmann Grain Co. - John Kaufmann

Keating Livestock Co. - William M. Keating

Keen Korner Service - Kenneth Ballantyne, Sr.

Keightley & Pederson - Ralph W. Pederson

Kemp Service Co. - Phil B. Hoffman

Kiehl & Schumacher Jewelers - Herbert E. Schumacher

K-Nine Club - Terrence P. Prince

KTRI Radio Station - Harold W. Cassill

Kuk Funeral Home - Otto E. Kuk

L.D. Anthony Retail Market - Myron Anthony

LaVelle Standard Service - William E. LaVelle

Lazere Pharmacy - Bernard Lazere

Lee & Johnson, Inc. - George W. Lee

Lee & Lewis Electric - Frank A. Lee

Lee Livestock Commission Co. - Cyril M. McLaughlin

Leeds Glamour Shop - Mrs. Alice R. Massey

Leeds Printing Co. - James W. Litzenberger

Leeds Variety Shop - Ruth E. Gardiner

LeNore's Beauty Shop - Mrs. LeNore M. Olson

Lewis & Davis - Edward M. Lewis

Lewis Bedding - Warren J. Lewis

Lincoln Market - Mrs. Betty Levine

Lipman's 5 cent to $1.00 Store - Bernard Lipman

Lloyd & Myers Prescription Shop - Glen M. Lloyd

Local No. 231 - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Local Union 184 - Iron Workers

Long & Hansen Commission Co., Inc. - Alvin Heldridge

Louis D. Beaumont Foundation - Edgar A. Hahn

Lucille's Beauty Salon - Lucille Rasmussen

Lutheran Hospital Students

Lyman Esse Commission Service - Lyman J. Esse


Businesses M - Z


M. Seff Agency - Morris Seff

M.G. Irwin Insurance Agency - Milton G. Irwin

Malloy Equipment Co. - Leo Malloy

Marvin's Seven-Hour Laundry - Marvin D. Cohen

Mary's Phone & Steno Service - Mary K. McQuillen

Matt Furniture Co. - Leo Matt

Mayfair Barber Shop

Mayfair Hotel - William Wachter

McArthur Sheet Metal Works - Lloyd McArthur

McGuirk Oil Co. - Benedict V. McGuirk

Meyer Packing Co. Meyer Epstein

Meyer's Villa Pharmacy - Floyd H. Meyer

Michael Seed Store - Berkeley S. Michael

Mid-Way Bar - Alfred E. Wendell

Mid-West Livestock Commission Co. - Emlin Bergeson

Mikkelsen Pharmacy - Carleton R. Mikkelsen

Miller-Kidder Co. - Ryal Miller

Milligan's - Harry W. Milligan

Milton Monument Co. - John Milton

Mimeograph Duplicator Co. - W. J. Mitchell

Missouri Valley Machinery Co. - C. A. Needham

Modern Machine Works, Inc. - Fay A. Palmerton

Modern Office Machines Co. - Elwin C. Krause

Monroe Welding Supply Co. - Charles M. Monroe

Montgomery Ward & Co.

Morey's Clothes Shop - Morey Lipshutz

Morningside Cleaners & Laundry - Robert F. Jones

Morningside Electric Co. - Clyde R. Phillips

Morningside Laundromat - Charles W. Whitehill

Morningside Self Serve - Kenneth J. Rodeen

Motor Row Lunch - Mrs. Eugene O'Conner

Munson Standard Service - Richard Munson

Murray Insurance Co. - Vincent C. Murray

Mutual Loan Co. & Postal Finance Co. - Joseph Levitt

Myer Shuff & Co. - Myer Shuff

Nassif Rug Co. - Carl Nassif

National Cash Register Co. - Leslie G. Parker

National Farm Loan Assoc. - Virgil Mosier

National Furniture Co. - Herb Baumsten

National Printing & Letter Co. - Chris Larsen, Jr.

National Refrigeration Parts Co. - Paul Kleinheksel

National Roofing Co., Inc. – Fred E. Murdock

National Wood Works - Edgar E. Wahlstrom

New Wardrobe Cleaners - Mrs. Mamie Scott

Newton Beauty Shop - Mary B. Newton

Nixon & Co. - John A. Nixon

No. 427 - Laborers & Hod Carriers

Norhtwest Supply Co. - Stewart J. Hagan

Novelty Mfg. Co. - Clifford C. Olson

Nuway Drug Service - Dennis Klute

O'Donoghue Orthopedic Group - Dr. Arch F. O'Donoghue

O'Lavin Travel Service - Barney O'Lavin

Olson News Co. - Forrest M. Olson

Olson Sporting Goods - Lauren A. Barnes

Orpheum Hat Shop - Bernice Hooreneman

Otte Equipment Co. - Brooks A. Otte

Painters Union #214 - Milton O'Harrow

Palmer Conoco Service - Albert C. Palmer

Paramount Studios - A. D. Wheeler

Park Avenue Cleaners - Ralph Dill

Pasak Motor Co. - George J. Pasak

Peet Paint Co. - J. Sheridan Clyde

Peete Hardware Co. - Barrett S. Peete

Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co. - Robert D. Hinchman

People's Department Store, Inc. - Stanton A. Coleman

Peoples Food Store - Irving Levich

Persons' Appliance Service - Robert H. Persons

Peterson, Helseht & Wagner - Raymond A. Peterson

Peterson-Doyle Paint Co. - Burl E. Cloud

Picker X-Ray Midwest, Inc. - John K. Dunn

Pioneer Iron Works - Abraham Kaplan

Plumbers Union - Edward J. Greynald

Power Engineering Co., Inc. - William L. Poulson

Princess Hat & Shoe Rebuilders - Daniel M. Paradise

Producers Commission Assn. - Thomas H. Fife

Quinlain Body Shop - William G. Quinlain

R.M. Coomer Construction Co. - Ross M. Coomer

Ralph & Bob's Philips Service - Ralph Mann

Raskin Packing Co. - Sidney Raskin

Record Printing Co. - Edgar A. Pechauk

Red Owl Super Market - Marvin Magnusson

Reliable Auto Parts - Sol Falk

Reliable Furniture Exchange Co.

Reliance Finance Co. & Credits, Inc. - Eli Robinow

Re-Nuz-It Floor Cleaning Co. - William R. Anderson

Richardson & Co. Ray Gatens

Roberts Bros. Poultry - Will L. Roberts

Rogers Electric - F. E. Rogers

Rowe Auto Electric - Willard H. Rowe

Royal Typewriter Co. - Harry H. Foiles

Russell-Miller Milling Co. - K. D. Parkhill

Rutledge Funeral Home - John W. Rutledge

Sam Gordon Waste Paper Co. - Samuel Gordon

Sam Weiner Scrap Iron - Sam Weiner

Samore & Gates - Edward F. Samore

Sanborn Insurance Agency - Anne B. Sanborn

Sandord Bros. Insurance Agency - Bernard M. Sanford

Sanford & Co. - Arthur Sanford

Sanitary Rendering

Satrang-Wilhelmi Allergy Clinic - Dr. Geraldine Satrang Wilhelmi

Scandinavian Baker - Stanley Lynam

Scott Plumbing Heating & Hardware Co. - Charles T. Scott

Securities Acceptance Corp. - Clarence L. Landen

Service Engraving, Inc. - Stanley M. Savage

Service Optical Co. - Constance Sward

Servisoft Co. - Robert G. Haley

Shipway & Swanson - Richard J. Shipway

Sifford & Wadden - Byron L. Sifford

Silver Moon Tavern - Albert D. Lang

Siman-Epperson Co. - Harry Epperson

Sioux Bowling Alley - L. E. Einfalt

Sioux Brokerage Co. - Mark Sabel

Sioux Building Corp. - Adolph M. Davis

Sioux City Car & Truck Rentals - A. G. Marsh

Sioux City Casket Co. - Leonard H. Corey

Sioux City Clearing House - C. T. McClintock

Sioux City Crockery Co. - M. J. Soelberg

Sioux City Furniture Co. - George Feinberg

Sioux City Grain Exchange - Edward J. Guinane

Sioux City Investment Co. - Joe Miller

Sioux City Mattress Co. - William W. McKettrick

Sioux City Memorial Park Cemetery

Sioux City Mosaic

Sioux City Night Patrol - Harry C. Bornholtz

Sioux City School of Barbering - Mrs. Clarice Smith

Sioux Lines, Inc. - Maynard E. Liberty

Sioux Paper Co. - Louis Agranoff

Sioux Properties - Milton Mazie

Sioux Transportation Co. - Robert Beck

Sioux Valley Radio Engineering Co. - John D. Gould

Siouxland Credit Corp. - Orlyn A. Swartz

Slutsky Auto Parts - Sidney Slutsky

Smith Electric & Industrial Supplies - Swen Anderson

Smith Packing Co. - Ray J. Adams

Smith's Cash Grocery - Mrs. Helen M. Smith

Snider Shade Shop - Charles L. Gaskell

Sonotone of Sioux City - Merwin S. Petersen

Soo Window Cleaners - Leonard Lebowitz

Soren Hansen & Son - Soren Hansen

Springdale Produce Co. - Mort Fish

Square Deal Clothing Store - Ben Apelson

Stauffer System - Florence Dabash

Stilwill, Brackney, Stilwill, & Wilson - Charles M. Stilwill

Stock Yards Insurance Agency - Carroll D. Phillips

Strauss Key Co. - Edwin C. Wolff

Summer's Pharmacy - Hal C. Summers

Sunnybrook Nursery & Garden - Roger Olmscheid

Sunrise Trailer Park - Michael C. Rifkin

Sunset Nurseries - Frank Fisher

Supreme Products Co. - Stanley M. Baron

T.C. Henderson Co. - T. C. Henderson

T.S. Martin Co. - Francis A. Coy

Talley Harvey & Co. - John V. Harvey

Ted's Body-Fender Repair - Fred B. Cornish

The B.G. Knepper Agency - Bill G. Knepper

The Fonda F. Rock Co., Inc. - Fonda F. Rock

The Green Mill - Abe W. Skaff

The New Gaynor-Bagstad Co. - K. D. Harmon

The Teeman Tailor Cleaner & Furrier - Arth Teeman

Thermoflector Corp.

Tolerton Warfield Co. - David J. Albert

Treinen Music Co. - Robert D. Treinen

Twentieth Street Hardware Co. - Donald A. Hatfield

Union Freightways Co. - Howard F. Youngdahl

Union National Life Ins. Co. - Marion Schuler

United Wholesalers - R. L. Terry

V.C. Distributing Co. - David Kaplan

Vanity Beauty & Barber Shop - Loren D. Redman

Victor Tailor & Cleaner - Kenneth Bricker

W.W. Lindgren Real Estate Co. - W. Walter Lindgren

Wagner, Garrison & Abbott - Hugh J. Twohig

War Eagles Bowling Alleys - John Coverdale

Watts Food Market - Clifford H. Watt

West Side Harness Co. - Morris Lazriowick

West Third Street Tavern - Parker M. Chase

Western Furniture Mart - Myron D. Thebert

Westfork Sand & Gravel Co. - Stanley V. Kudron

Westside Radiator Sales & Services - Max Rozen

Whicher & Davis - Frank P. Whicher

Wigman Co. - E. L. Vennard

William Lerch Estate - Frank C. Lerch

Willow Inn - Mrs. Elfa Scott

Winter Funeral Home - Ivan P. Winter

Women of the Moose - Lorraine Wright

Wood Brothers Livestock - C. H. Rew

Woodbury Optical Co. - Milton M. Idzal

Woods Transfer - Walter Woods

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